Located in the beautiful mountains of Northern Arizona, Building Bridges Youth Farm is a place of hope. 

At Building Bridges Youth Farm we believe that every child deserves a chance to be successful. We also believe that every child is capable of success when given the right opportunity. Here at the farm, we want to give children the opportunity to learn responsibility, compassion. 




Each of the animals at the farm have a story all their own. Thus, giving the youth someone to relate to. When working on the farm, the youth find that the animals don't care what you look like or what choices you have made. In these cases, they love you unconditionally and for some of the youth that come to the farm, unconditional love is something that they have never experienced. Our mission at the farm is to Nurture Animals; Empower Youth; Strengthen Communities.


By nurturing the neglected and abandoned animals that come to the farm, giving them a forever home, we are showing the youth to never give up hope. This in turn, empowers the youth to make good choices and learn the needed skills to become successful adults. When we have successful youth and adults, our communities become successful. This is a full cycle that takes many of us to accomplish. 

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