Bilbo is our only male goat and he is a hoot! He loves for you to tickle his lips. He also loves the top of his head scratched. He came to the farm from a nice family that just didn't have the room for him anymore. Bilbo gets very excited when it snows, he jumps up on his hind legs and makes a funny noise!

Hamlet is Potbelly Pig who came to us from a family that loved him very much but felt like they could no longer keep him. Like some of the children at the farm, it may take Hammy awhile to warm up to you. When Hammy feels like he can trust you, you can bet that he'll curl up next to you for a belly rub.

Clover and Lucy

Clover and Lucy are mother/daughter duo. They have had a hard life since they were abandoned in the desert and left to die. It turns out that, Mama Clover had cancer when rescuers found them. The nice woman who nursed them back to health brought them to the farm to live out the rest of their years. This dynamic duo helps the children realize that there is always hope even in times of the greatest darkness.


Hank is so mellow! He started his life as a wild burro in Texas. He was at risk of being shot and killed so Peaceful Hearts Donkey Rescue adopted him, trained him and adopted him out to us. You will find Hank waiting around for some snuggles. 


Chiluke is beautiful mare who came to us from a very loving home but couldn't travel with her family to competitions. She loves when children come to visit her at the farm. She is very gentle and loves to be brushed.


Cotton comes to us from Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue. He rescued from Texas and was at risk of being shot and killed. Peaceful Valley trained him and adopted him out us. Cotton is playful and sneaky. If you don't shut the gate just the right way, he will let himself out!

Khloe and Babe
     Chickens, Ducks & Turkeys

Khloe and Babe have come such a long way since coming to live with us at the farm! They have lost some much-needed weight and have significantly warmed up to strangers in their time with us. 


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