Our volunteers are the backbone of our organization. As a nonprofit entity, we rely solely on the community for volunteer hours, monetary and in-kind donations, animal sponsorships, and grant awards. The most important ingredient for teaching and mentoring youth is the ability to set an example. We cannot thank our volunteers enough for their monetary donations--no matter how small--when nothing seems as though is will be enough; for their time spent away from their own families, children, and jobs, to become a part of ours; for their cheerleading skills--many times it those who fall seven times don't get back up that eighth time without someone on the other side telling them "I believe in you". 

Thank you, volunteers. You mean the world to us and we hope that one day we can repay your generosity. 

Program Coordinator

Kira Blair, the founder of Building Bridges Youth Farm, is currently our Acting Executive Director and Program Coordinator. 


Kira not only has the talent for this job but also has the drive and determination that only a mother and caregiver can have. Kira has spent years dedicated to her dream of opening a farm for traumatized youth using animals and gardening techniques to break down barriers and build sustainable relationships.


To learn more about Kira, please browse our Facebook page or contact us via email at buildingbridges2016@gmail.com. 

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